Looking for case sugestions (RPI2 with add-on board)


while volumio runs fine now, i´m looking for a nice case for my Raspberry PI2 with Durio Sound add-on board. The cases i´ve found are normally not build for RPI with additional card. Does anybody have some suggestions for nice cases? Maybe also slightly larger ones to fit a 2,5" HDD inside them?

Thanks a lot,


This one has spacers that will accommodate an add-on board (HiFIBerry DAC+ in my case).

Well, i was looking more kind of a closed case and a bit more fancy :wink: .
I´ve found this one for udoo very nice:

I’ve found this really nice looking one on thingiverse.

It leaves room for improvement, add a powered usb hub (strip away the case) remove the fan or place a really low powered one, it looks rather big to me. oh and you’ll need to 3d print it, that can be a hurdle.

That’s a good find, I only have to find someone to produce it locally or do you have one on Holland? (PM is ook OK).

I don’t have one, but i know there are some stores in the Netherlands. But there are also Hackerspaces where hobbyists and enthusiasts go and those spaces often have 3d printers and people who want to help you improve the design for your needs.

There are 3d printing services in Switzerland 3d-printerstore.ch/?currency=EUR&cPath=33

But you also have a good hackerspace representation with 2 in Basel 4 in Zürich as far as the map shows me all the bigger city’s have one and some smaller ones too wiki.hackerspaces.org/Switzerland