LMS Running - Squeezelite not!!

Hello guys!

i have Problems with Setup Squeezelite - i don´t get it running

I installed LMS (nightly 7.9) via ssh command because the version in the Volumio UI did not work at all.
Browser said adress not found xxx.xxx.xxx.xx/9000…

now server is running and i can Access and use it, but sqeezelite player won´t work!

in the Register “player” from LMS web UI there is no player installed…
also android squeezectrl app no player found!

i was a little bit wondering because the green button in Volumio shows on an running… :question:

has anyone an idea how i can solve it?
newest volumio 2.565 installed.


found the Problem by myself!

for all other who has the same Problem - only set the right soundcard in squeezelite configuration…! :mrgreen:

I guess I’m struggeling at this point, too and confused about the possible options.
My HW is pi3+ with a “DAC+ HIFI PIFI Audio Sound Card I2S interface for Raspberry pi” audio card . Volumio Version 2.389

ebay.de/itm/DAC-HIFI-PIFI-A … 2749.l2649

I tried all DAC related options in the squeezelite settings.

DAC Options.png

Volumio Audio Options are configured to “Allo Boss through equalizer plugin”

Volumio DAC Settings.png

any hints welcome