Lifetime membership is included with the purchase of the Volumio Primo Hifi edition

I have just purchased a “Volumio Primo Hi-Fi Edition” which normally includes a lifetime subscription to the “myVolumio superstar”. My reseller just sent me a key to subscribe but I can not register, he asks for payment. it says on the Volumio packaging that the lifetime membership is included with the purchase of this device, am I wrong?
if I’m not mistaken, can someone explain to me how to do this and where to enter the key that the dealer sent me to access this subscription
thank you in advance

@volumio take a look at this …

@epasseron we are here to help .

The device code you received, needs to be written in the first configuration wizard.

Do this:

  • Update to latest version
  • Go to settings -> System -> First Configuration Wizard
  • There will be a step called device code. Input your code there and click validate.

If you have other issues you can write to techsupport at volumio dot org

thank you very much,

i entered the code and now i am registered for life on the superstar subscription.

but now I can’t plug in qobuz

I suggest to write to the email : techsupport at volumio dot org

You have dedicated support there :wink: