I just updated to the latest release of Volumio and it is clearly a huge leap forward in terms of speed and visuals.

But…there’s one thing missing that I think is going to send me back to using v1.55…the lack of the library view option.

I use the library in 1.55 always. It’s a really nice, organized, very fast method for getting around your music collection. The difference between the library and browse method of getting around is night and day.

The new version only seems to have the browse method. That’s a deal breaker for me. Although I really like the features like the album art view, the automatic updating/no need to reflash, and especially the speed improvements for things like recognizing new files…all really great stuff. But without library, it’s a net loss. Library view is what made Volumio the clear winner as compared to other options like Pi Music Box and others.

Am I just missing the option to turn it on somewhere? Is it planned to be added? If/when it is back, I’ll be very excited to update again.

I’d like to second the request for adding features to the Library.

My particular interest in in selecting songs by genre, excluding songs by genre (e.g. excluding “Christmas Songs” when it isn’t Christmas season), building playlists based on multiple genres, etc.

Thanks for considering.

We just made it, and the new version should be released by the end of the week



Thanks very much for your response, and for all your impressive work.

I just updated to 2.001 to check out Library view. It’s definitely better than the Browse functionality was, but still…the v1.55 is vastly superior. Maybe I am just being too picky, I don’t know, does anyone else feel this way?

The best part of the v1.55 Library was how quickly and easily you could move around your collection. Everything showed up all together on the same page, yet it was not overwhelming or confusing. You could see all of your Artists, Albums, Genres, and Songs at the same time, rather than having to click through each artist Artist -> shows the albums for that artist; click an Album -> shows songs in that album. It was much faster and better than that. Clicking an Artist name would filter the Albums, Songs, and Genres down to the ones that only corresponded with that Artist, for example. But all together, on one page. The filtering seemed instantaneous as well - no waiting to load and populate. Everything was already there. Granted, it wasn’t quite as visually appealing as having all of the album art showing up, but it was near-perfect in terms of interface. It was a lot like what I have set up in Foobar.

Ultimately, that’s really what I’m hoping returns. Are there any plans to get back to that? Again, I really appreciate all your work and the fact that this is a free piece of software you’re putting out here. I’m just trying to give some feedback, as I know you are passionate about the project and want it to be as good as it can be. Version 2 is clearly a huge step up in general. But for me, until the library organization and speed gets up to the level that 1.55 was, I’ll be sticking with that.