Library Troubles - pls HELP ,

Hello everybody,

First, thanks to devs for all the effort and sharing in this project.

I just entered this “world” and new to Volumio but, I’m having some troubles…

The main “problem” is the Library…

I have 3200 Album Records on a HD, connected via USB to the Rasp PI4 B with PecanPie DAC (HAT)

When Volumio scans the Library, it founds only 2500 (ish) Albums

and, for those Albums it shows only a 5-10% of their Covers.

Music File formats: The Library contains albums in different formats:
Mp3 - ALAC - FLAC - APE - WAV - SACD ISO (50 album, I already know Volumio doesn’t read ISO, so far…)

I know that part of my library is a bit “nested” (folders, sub folders, sub sub folders, etc) but, can someone try to help me to get ALL my library “recognized”, mounted and showed with Album Covers?

About covers: Usually for any Album, the cover is embedded into every single song file. If not, the cover is inside the Album folder, jpg format.

Thanks in advance for any help. :pray:

I am also a new Volumio user, but as far as I know album covers are only read from image files from the albums directory. The system doesn’t use any of embedded covers. You can quickly extract those images with mp3tag editor.

Thank you for the tip!

This is useful for the covers.

Any tip for the “real” problem of a “shrinked” library recognition? (2500 ish instead of 3200 ish)

I’m a Audirvana user and it recognizes (and play) any kind of file format and any kind of album cover embedded or not…
so the same for MoOde…

I naively thought Volumio was the same…

Probably it is an ID tag thing, I suggest you copy 2 or 3 affected albums to an independent directory and add that directory as a source. Then work with the files until they appear correctly. Mp3Tag Editor is a great program to work with.

Thank you !!

I had the same problem.
Solved it by eliminating corrupted music files.
Foobar can do that quickly (or so ;-), but others programs can do it, too:
Check(!) my posts, I gave another one months ago, but forgot the link.

Hi @Sernyl_S7 ,

Thank you for the answer.

Is it this one the post you were referring to?
If yes, the problems you found were related to
A) incomplete tags (no album name or title)
B) Corrupted files (FLAC)
I’m not able to use Audiotester :disappointed: (I’m on Mac osx)…


Oct '21

On my 2 Tb external disk I had previously cleaned all files other than .flac and .jpg without success.
Done many other things found in this forum : no success.
I finally found a solution (for me) : there were corrupted flac files.

*** Running MP3tag, sorting by albums or by files : I discovered files without album or title name… Deleted the ones whose tags could not be edited.
*** More, I ran “Audiotester” ( ): it identified corrupted files with problems and showed the paths : I deleted them (yes, 100 titles, one by one…).
Guess what ? - Ext HDD library in Volumio completed in a few hours.
Hope this helps…
Enjoy !”