Library empty (NSF-mount) after update to 2.729

Hi guys,

I’m running volumio on a RPI4. My library lies on a synology mounted via NFS.
I never had any issues so far.

After updating to the new version, my library is completely empty.
Rebuilding it doesn’t do anything.
I completely reinstalled volumio on the RPI without any luck.

I dismounted the NAS and remounted it. Remounting works fine, but the library just stays empty.

I found a couple of threads talking about this issue, but for most of the guys this issue seems to have been fixed in earlier updates.
This is my logfile:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

It seems that something is wrong with permissions.
Can you check if you changed permissions to NAS?

This is the log that suggests this:
Apr 08 12:39 : exception: Failed to open /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Merlin: Permission denied


thank you for your quick reply.
I check but permissions are exactly where I left them.
I didn’t change IP or anything else.

I now changed protocol to cifs and now the library has been built.
I can’t figure out, why NFS doesn’t work anymore, but cifs is ok for me as well:)

Thank you!!

You’re welcome! Enjoy your music!