Library always updating/not complete.

Hi Folks,

Set up my Pi and Volumio with my Netgear NAS and mostly it seems to work OK, but whilst I can browse my NAS and even play/add to playlist, my library doesn’t populate.

Well, I say that, it did once…but I’ve not changed any content on the NAS.

I left the NAS and Volumio running all night and into the day, but the library still won’t update/populate. I’m not sure if this means anything but if I click on “Show All Songs” - I get “http://volumio.local/#notarget” in the address bar.

Any ideas what I can look at? (I’m not a coding genius, so please speak slowly!)



And if you use the browse tab? Do you see the files on your nas then?

Yes, I do. That’s the only way (so far), I can play and add to a playlist. It takes a few seconds to change to the folder initially, but after that it’s swift. All the folders appear to be listed too, top to bottom.

May you see whether the uptade is stopped (even if the GUI shows updating) at some file? The last file showing could be a file with a corrupted tag and so the BD is always updating and uncompleteted.