Lenovo x86 Touchscreen driver for Volumio?

I’ve installed the x86 version on a Lenovo all in one computer/monitor with touchscreen. The PC is a ThinkCentre M71z. Volumio is installed on a small SSD. Everything is working great, except for the touchscreen.

Is there a way to get the touchscreen working with Volumio? I want to wall mount this to use like a jukebox!

Any help would be great!


So I found a touchscreen plugin. Can somebody tell me how to install it? And will this work on my touchscreen monitor?

The touch screen plugin will work with most graphics monitors.
Whether you will have touch support is another story, you will have to try.
Go the the plugin menu, select and press install, then activate it under “installed plugins”

There is no touchscreen plugin on my plugin menu. Under Miscellanea there is LastFM Scrobbler. Under system tools there is a back up and restore. under Accessories there is nothing.

I have the file on my windows PC, downloaded and unzipped. But I have no idea how to load it into volumio. I should be able to go into the volumio console and download it.

I haven’t found any instructions on how to install this via web and console. I’m not a linux guy unfortunately…

I did run this command, Do a “sudo apt-get update” before “sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration”

which I read should be done before the plugin is installed. But I have not been able to find instructions on how to add the plugin.

This is x86 volumio latest build.

Sorry, my mistake, of course X86 does not need a plugin. I set it up in Kiosk mode out-of-the-box :blush:

This means, when your touchscreen does not work, there is hardly any chance you will ever get it.
I checked the kernel options, there is nothing left unchecked under Input Device support, Special HID drivers and X86 Platform Specific.
In other words, every possible touchscreen and HID interface has been enabled.

As this is is a device from 2010/2011, future support will not happen either, sorry.

Hmm… Well that sucks… So, maybe a mini PC with a newer touch screen monitor would do the trick?

@gkkpch im running volumio 3 on NUC nuc6i7kyk and planning to get small touch screen monitor…
is volumio3 buster enable this by default? i cant run on released volumio2 as i cant get network to work
any specific spec of touch screen i should consider or any i should avoid to get it work out?