firstly, I would excuse for my poor english. I am rather passive in speaking and writing english as well…
Despite not being an expert with linux, one day I have decided to do my first internet player. I had dug out an old Raspberry Pi ( very old ! B2.0 ver.) from a drawer and my adventure has begun. Very quickly it turned out that the voice of line-out in my Raspberry is completely unacceptable then I have bought a stand-alone DAC. I have chosen a PCM5102 via Ebay and I was really shocked for its quality. It plays very, very accurate !
Everything works ( under control of Volumio obviously ) very well but I have decided to use a case (a tangle of cables was extremally annoyed ! ) , so a real player needs a display… I
I have searched the Internet and I found Andy’s tutorial: Folow by the tutorial finally I successed. My Volumio began to display. I announced a success but not everything went well. The display ( at the beginning I used a popular 16x2 HDD44780 ) does not show information from the Spotify. Although, when I use an Internet radio or my flac files archives the display works well but from Spotify it does not display ( actually it displays previous content of PLAYLIST ).
I have no idea how to force the display to show datas from Spotify. Mabe somebody could help me ? I nearly gave up…
As I mentioned above I am not a linux geek and I am an only beginner at programming. Finally, I have a few additional problems. The display shows a content of PLAYLIST , when I change VOLUMIO from radio to play my FLAC’S files by “ADD AND PLAY” it works, but after rebooting, playlist remains and the display shows information from last session of Volumio ( central panel PLAYBACK is empty, it means that nothing is run ). In spite of this the display shows something what was in the past. I have no idea what to do, how to clear the playlist every time when i run a shutdown process ?

Thanks for patience :slight_smile:
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The script you use probably fetch info from mpd to display it. Mpd is used when you play music (flac , mp3 …) and webradio. But when you use Spotify, spopd is used to play play music. And it’s because nothing is displayed…
have a look here :