Latest Volumio on Pi Zero W

Hi folks,

used a couple of hours this weekend to get Volumio on a Pi Zero running. The first tries ended up in the device entering “emergency mode” :grimacing:
My guess: The zero has not enough RAM to startup a “fresh-flashed” image ?
My solution: Putting the “fresh” SD (4 Gb seems to be enough) in my other Pi (3B+) :stuck_out_tongue: and let him do all the configuration stuff. Voila: The SD also works with the zero.

This information may be useful for someone.


One more thing: Resized the / - Partition yesterday, now the usb-stick is automatically mounted on startup and I can mark radio-stations as favorite (did not work before).
To resize the partition you have to put the sd-card via cardreader in an Linux-PC and:
resize2fs /dev/sdd3 (carefully check, if the card REALLY IS sdd !!).
The partition will extend to the max. available space on sd-card (in my case 1,2 Gb on a 4Gb-card).

If you resize the partition immediately after imaging the micro-SD card, then there is no need to insert the card into another Pi for the initial setup.

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