Khadas Tone Board

not really, as you will not find USB D+ and D- on the RPi gpio pins.

sorry I meant data +/- from the usb output of the raspberry pi to the tone board (yellow data +/-) or is that option not there or am I seeing this wrong?
look at option 2 of the link and that’s what i mean.

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Sorry, I misunderstood.
Yes, you could put header pins on the the mentioned soldering points and then connect 5V -/+ to the lps and take d+/- from the usb plug. Don’t forget gnd.

ok thanks, as soon as i get the khadas tone board go try this.

Good choice, excellent DAC

received the khadas tone board yesterday and connected via a linear 5 volt power supply over the gpio of the khadas, it now sounds very nice and better than the previous allo boss 1.2 dac with allo isolator.

today I am going to try the data lines through the gpio of the khadas.

all in all, I am happy with the new purchase :smile:

ok have tried to run the data lines from the khadas through the gpio, unfortunately the khadas does not appear in volumio under play options / audio output / output device I also get the error message Failed to open ALSA device “hw: 5.0”:

I also tried using a separate usb C (khadas data in) to usb A (raspberry pi data out) only using the data lines (5 volts not connected) here also the same error the khadas is not recognized and the error Failed to open ALSA device “hw: 5.0”:

so somehow I’m doing something wrong.
the external 5 volt (via gpio in khadas) linear power supply works well, at least that’s not where the fault is.

like the way below I tried.

what do you mean by don’t forget gnd?
you have the - and + for the external 5 volts and two cables for data +/-

edit : unfortunately it will not work, after a lot of research on the internet it appears that you always need the 5 volts from the usb output of the raspberry pi.