Keep the screen rotated after each update

I guess is not so difficult to add to the end of update script for Raspberry Pi the command:
echo “lcd_rotate=2” >> /boot/config.txt
or use a more sophisticated way to do the same thing.
Volumio should be a user friend audio system and everything is done by GUI, but after each system update you have to connect via ssh and edit that file because the screen become upside down.
Thank you very very very much. :slight_smile:


same problem if you have an touchscreen for example the waveshare display.
Everytime you install the update, you have to add the few lines in config.txt again.

very anoying. :imp: Why must this file always be overwritten?

perhaps any reactions from the volumio team?

yes, user settings are being preserved now whenever an update occurs, provided user settings have been added to userconfig.txt instead of config.txt