JustBoom IR Remote Not working Volumio 3

i used this sensor for it and it works with odroid remote, so the used lirc file in the infrared plugin is good.

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Thanks both for your speedy help. I’ll order the sensor and give that a go.

I am using the same one and it’s working with 3 different remotes.


I almost ordered that sensor last week when I ordered the module from Tinytronics, would have saved me time and postage!

As we say in Dutch:

Achteraf is een koe in haar kont kijken
(Which translate very wrong to English :smile: )

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hahaha ja dat ziet er niet uit in het engels :smiley:

@Wheaten @michel8166

Koe hoeft niet meer in haar kont te kijken. Sensor arrived (Tinytronics are FAST!) and all is well. Just have to avoid the red power off button.

Thanks for your advice yesterday.

Huh your IR-Receiver came with a power off button, or hold you me in front of a cloth?

No cloths! I have vol+/- , mute, power off (unfortunately), skip forward/back, pause, next/previous track. Only the home, back arrow and burger buttons are inactive. Pretty impressive.

Seems all buttons have been implemented:
Home = clear
back arrow = repeat
Menu = random

Great. Busy making a neater (soldered) job of the sensor, I’ll try that later. I might try disabling the power button though.

just remove or comment out:

prog = irexec
button = Power
config = /usr/bin/sudo systemctl poweroff

Brilliant! And yes the other buttons work, except I think, home/clear. Is that supposed to clear the playlist?

Yes it does. these are the default available commands:


status                             Gives Playback status information
volume                             Gives Current Volume Information
volume <desired volume>            Sets Volume at desired level 0-100
volume mute                        Mutes
volume unmute                      Unmutes
volume toggle                      Mutes/Unmutes
volume plus                        Increases Volume of one step
volume minus                       Decreases Volume of one step
seek plus                          Forwards 10 seconds in the song
seek minus                         Backwards 10 seconds in the song
seek <seconds>                     Plays song from selected time
repeat                             Toggles repetition of queue
random                             Toggles randomization of queue


toggle                             Toggles between play/pause

I would have been happy with vol +/- and mute!

I edited /etc/lirc/lircrc , commenting out

prog = irexec
button = Power
config = /usr/bin/sudo systemctl poweroff

However it restores the uncommented version of the file after restart/reboot. Am I editing the wrong file?

I assume you use the plugin, then yes wrong file?

then you need to edit in /data/plugins/system_hardware/ir_controller/configurations

Perfect! Thanks.

And thanks @gvolt for another fantastic plugin.

@SimonE Thank you. :slight_smile:

Be aware that your changes to configurations in “/data/plugins/system_hardware/ir_controller/configurations” will be overwritten on each update of the plugin. I recommend to create your own configuration in “/data/INTERNAL/ir_controller/configurations” as I have described here.