jumping into the wagon, from France

Dear all
I’ve tried to play a bit with RaspiFy some time ago.
Liked it even if getting NAS working was … teddious.
After doing some extensive academic research to get the information about Napoleon’s horse color (a difficult question, indeed) I finally made it and here am I :smiley:
In a few minute I’ll give an initial try to this new distro.
Want I want to have is several (from cheap to more sophisticated) music players that can be used by kids when they have garage parties and by me from any place in the house (whithout having to get a pricey out of the box solution)
So, in a word, clients to render music stored in various formats on a central server which I can manage from any android device …
I’ll be very interested in seeing if the Volumio can operate as an access point, when the garage is too remote to feature DHCP service.
Talk to you very soon