Italian Tube Radio from 1933 turbo-charged with Volumio

Thanks to Volumio, parental leave and Covid lockdown I had time to turn an old tube radio from 1933 made by Italian company UNDA of type MU51 into a modern web radio, that my wife and kids finally love to use (except for the rather long boot up time, due to a real power down function).
The sound is very nice and clean and the wooden housing harmonizes very nicely with the new speaker.

The project took more than 5 years from buying the Radio in 2015 to getting the final hardware to run (end 2020). Long pauses due to personal circumstances slowed it down significantly - but it works since late 2020 now.
I am slowly turning the dirty code into real plugins, will share what I can finish.

Img 1: This is how it looks today

Img 2/3: This is how it looked in 2015

Img 4: The inner construction of the chassis, carrying speaker, buttons, RPi and PCB. The old speaker was completely degraded and replaced by a VISATONE VIS FR 6.5 wide-band speaker (hard to find such a large speaker that is not a bass).
The 7-segment display got later replaced by an EA-DOGS102 LCD. So far only two rotaries are in use (volume and change channel). The grid style PCB replaced by real PCBs.

Img 5: Test setup for the LCD, late 2020

Img 6: The PCB midway through the soldering process. Made with KiCAD. Contains power logic with ATTiny inspired by iSwitchPi, debouncing of Rotaries, amplifier TDA7396, Power Supply.


Hi Thomas,

that‘s looking fantastic. I‘m looking forward to more infos :slight_smile:


Nice work, keep it up!

The first by-product of the radio project just got published on the Plugin-Collection.
I converted my rotary-encoder driver, that is based on the Linux device-tree-overlay for rotary encoders into a plugin.
It is called RotaryEncoder II, feel free to try it if you like.
It’s published under the name 7h0mas-R.
Documentation and tips for hardware setup can be found on the documentation page.

Let me know, if you like it.