Issues with Volumio and AirParrot2


I have been successfully using volumio for a while now. I have a raspberry pi 3, with a hifiberry plus. It has worked wonders for audio streaming to pool speakers. I wanted to try to airplay from my PC to volumio for media reasons. I installed Air Parrot 2, which works well with all my other airplay devices (apple tv, android reflector server, etc…) but when I try to connect to the volumio, it trys for a second and then disappears from the list. At that point no devices can see it online anymore until I reboot the device.

Does anyone have any idea if this is a known issue? Or if maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I appreciate it!

Hi mate,

Is there any specific reason why you’d like to use AirParrot to stream via Airplay?

I do the same, but instead of using a 3rd party software, I just select “Volumio” (or whatever its called at your place) as the output for the sound.

'Hope it helps!

Unfortunately, I’m using a PC, so I don’t have much of an option