Issues using existing media server


Just installed the latest Volumio image onto a raspberry pi - I’m using the beta interface and I’ve noticed a few issues. Firstly I have two other types of streamers (one linn, controlled via Kazoo and another moon, controlled via Mind) which use the same media server (minim server) and do not exhibit these issues

  1. album art is not displayed for all albums in the album grid view - virtually all the art is included within the flac music files

  2. in the media server view it reports the correct number of albums (1105) however when you click into that view it does not show all albums - not sure how many are missing it seems to “stop” around the early Ts

  3. all of the flac files have artist set to the artist of the track and the album artist to the appropriate value for the album - this is particularly relevant for compilation albums. So for example an album with the album artist set to 70s and individual tracks as per the artist should show in the album listing as different values for then artist and album artist - however it does not Volumio shows the album artist for both values.



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