Is Volumio right for me?

I’m (34M) helping my dad (66) working on Volumio setup and frankly, we’re struggling. I’ve done a great deal of cracked installs from torrents, but nothing like setting up a server, and his familiarity level is “enthusiastic hobbyist”. The setup is eluding me/us. Looking over the process involved though, I really question if this solution is overkill for his needs.

This is his first attempted foray into high fidelity playback, which I think is what about Volumio that caught his attention. He’s looking for:

Access to his full library, cloud optional // eventually, a couple hundred CDs to digitize

Playback over his home Phorus system and an RV sound bar/Wifi setup that could interface with Bluetooth, USB/etc

Interface controlled with his iPhone 8

I wonder these goals couldn’t be achieved with something like iTunes. He’s been fixated on Volumio for reasons unclear to me. He has accumulated enough misc tech to have some flexibility in final setup, we just need to be able to figure it out. Halp?