Is there any way to disable the volume control

I was going to post this in the “bug” section, but as I began to explore the issue I realized that the feature is working correctly. The correct behavior of this feature is simply undesirable.

Setting the default volume to “disabled” in Rune Audio actually disables the volume control leaving it at a fixed output level of 100%.

Setting the default volume to “disabled” in Volumio just leaves the volume wherever it was at before the last restart rather than setting it to a specified percentage, but does not actually disable the volume control.

Now that I have realized that this setting is not broken in Volumio, just means something different, is there a way to actually disable the volume control all together?

I strongly prefer a fixed output level of 100%, like pretty much every other source on the planet, leaving my preamp to control the volume.

If there is currently no way to do this, why not? This should be a basic feature that most people should want.

You’re right, I’ve been thinking since lot of time to do it.
Can you please open an issue on github, so we can better track it:

Actually setting the mixer type to “none” causes the desired behavior. The volume control can still be changed, but has no effect on the output level.

My only remaining suggestion is that the volume control should be “greyed out” when the mixer is disabled.

Better just hide volume control when disabled. I don’t see the point of a greyed out area on the screen

Doing something like that would require an entire rewrite of the GUI and I don’t think that’s where developmental energy should be going right now.

The fact is that back then I was confused about how to set my volume to fixed, but I have come to realize that setting the mixer type to none is the gold standard in all 3 of the major MPDs.

Would it really be that hard? No idea. I’m not a developer but it seems a quite simple tweak to implement. An unmaintained os like RuneAudio has this ‘‘hide volume knob’’ setting for a long time. In a professional os like Volumio there shouldn’t be any unclickable items and no duplicate items neither imo

Rune is still being developed BTW. They have been very active in the past few weeks, putting out updates almost every day.

I’m also trying out the Volumio 3 beta which has finally gone to Buster. Actually seems better than the latest stable version of Volumio 2. I don’t really care for the “contemporary” interface and opt for the “classic” interface. If they get rid of classic it could be a deal breaker.

Moode is also looking and working really nice these days.

The interface of all 3 MPDs are more than adequate and all have their own pluses and minuses. Maybe concentrate less on little details of the interface and more on the music.

I’m going to have a shootout on a very nice system in the next couple of weeks to see which MPD actually sounds better which is the most important thing to me.