Iquadio DigiAMP and Volumio 2.657

I have several IQaudio DigiAMPS running on Volumio. I did a recent upgrade in Volumio system sw to Volumio 2.657 on one unit and it stopped producing sound.

I got it working again by changing the drop down menu pick under Playback Options>>Output device to IQaudIO DAC from DigiAMP-with-equalizer.

I do run the plugin Equalizer.

Mixer type is None under Playback Options.

Just wondered if I have a sw issue? I have not upgraded Volumio system sw on my other DigiAMP systems.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Got the following reply from Gordon.

"Hi Chris, mmmm - sounds like Volumio have made a change.

All our boards use the same base Linux drivers. The DigiAMP and old amp+ also need to be unmuted at startup but all can use the same device tree settings.

Don’t think you have a hardware issue."