IQaudIO Digi+ and volumio2 playback configuration

I just received my IQaudIO Digi+ and I would like to use it with Volumio2.

After plug-in digi+ on my raspi 2, I started volumio and I went in playback setting.
I checked i2s option, but digi+ is not in the drop-down list.
I can find both Iqaudio digiamp+ and dac+.
Do you know what is the best choice for my hardware configuration?
Thanks for your answers.

Hi Math,
we did not have the chance to get a Digi+, so its not compatible now

Hi Angelo,
It is too sad!!
If I fetch information about digi+, is it possible to add this card to Volumio?

Yes, absolutely…

What we need is to add relevant infos on the dacs.json : … /dacs.json

You could try setting up the DAC yourself following the online manual See especially section 9, and specifically where it says to select the driver in /boot/config.txt.


Presumably this driver has to be provided in the Volumio image, or installed yourself.