Intro and assistance with line-in

Hello, I live in the US, specifically northeast Nebraska. I use a screenreader because I’m Blind, and I just got Volumio going on my Pine64 LTS board. I have a USB soundcard plugged in and I’m trying to use it to transmit audio over my network from various audio sources, like my TV or radio. The USB audio card does work on the Pine64, as I have had Ubuntu running on it with the device. I haven’t found a way to get this going. I tried plugins on the Volumio web interface, but nothing comes up. Is this an available option?

Welcome here.
I use a pine64 with a Usb Dac and it works. The question is what is your Dac? What is the version of Volumio? What is your problems with plugins?

I don’t know why no plugins show up when I go into plugins. I also tried the link for searching them and I didn’t find a way to do that.And I tried the plugin management which really did nothing.
Can we get plugins this way?
And, is there a plugin to allow audio from the line-in as apposed to stored audio, or from a web stream?

How your pine is connected to the network? Ethernet or WiFi?
Plugin should appear in the list of available plugin…
There is a plugin for Spotify for free. For Tidal or Qobuz too , but you have to subscribe to ‘myvolumio’. Of course, you can use plenty of webradio.

I have it connected to the router via WIFI, and I have a radio line-out for now running into the line-in of the USB soundcard plugged into the Pine64. I am trying to get it so I can use an iPhone/Android and go to the IP address and listen to whatever I’m sending to the Pine64. In settings I don’t find a way to set this up. Will it take a plugin to do this?