Interruptions in playing Tidal Master MQA 24 bit albums

Hello everyone. I am a new user of the Volumio (v. 2.861) Virtuoso on Allo USBridge Signature. After switching from MoodeAudio, I would like to rate the Volumio very well in terms of user experience.
Unfortunately, I noticed a very nasty problem with playing some MQA 24-bit albums from Tidal. With such files, sometimes there are short interruptions (silence) during playback. At the same time, the “MQA” symbol on the DAC display disappears. A moment later, playback resumes and the MQA symbol reappears.
Breaks happen irregularly - more or less often, sometimes only from the second track, but they always appear. It’s very annoying and it’s impossible to enjoy the music this way.

This problem does not occur when playing the same files on MoodeAudio.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? How to deal with it?
I would not like to give up the Volumio, because apart from that, the usability is very nice.

Examples of albums with such gaps:

GoGo Penguin “Live From Studio 2” (Master 48kHz 24bit)

Mino Cinelu, Nils Petter Molvær “SulaMadiana” (Master 48kHz 24bit)

2L Audiophile Reference Recordings “The Nordic Sound” (Master 44,1kHz 24bit)

Well, to tell the truth, as a new customer of Virtuoso, I was hoping for any response or suggestion. The lack of reaction is very disappointing :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi, for Virtuoso users we have a dedicated mail support: support at volumio dot org
The mail support is better since we monitor it constantly, while on the forum we might not notice.

From what you say, it looks to me that this is the usual issue with ALLO USBridge…
Long story short: they need some special drivers, otherwise in some circumstances the transmission of data over USB drops. That’s especially evident with MQA because if its not bitperfect the decoder will turn on\turn off.

See here:

Thank you for the explanation - if there is a need again, I will use the e-mail support.
Still It is puzzling that Moode Audio can handle MQA over USBrigde perfectly - no issues at all.

I believe Moode has integrated the driver.
We did not do that as Allo never provided devices for testing, nor seemed to care to integrate it into Volumio

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