Internet radio from Poland and Allo Boss freezes the system

Hello all. I have Rpi 3B + and Allo Boss. I can not listen to the Polish Internet radio because it freezes the system after 2 seconds. When I turn off the I2S DAC and turn on HDMI then everything is ok.

  1. Yesterday I bought Volumio Virtuso for a year and still can’t turn on bluetooth. Displays a message

“This feature cannot be enabled, since it’s not available in your current MyVolumio Plan. MyVolumio SUPERSTAR or VIRTUOSO is required to use this functionality”

I formatted the card and re-uploaded the latest system.

Is there any solution.

Thank you.

for those plans you have to login in to my volumio as far as i know…

I am logged into my Volumio

@volumio ralfi has problems with his acccount…and bluetooth … can you help?

When you go to Myvolumio page, do you see your device, and if yes, is it enabled here?

This sugests that your internet connection might be the issue. Do you have firewall or Ip blocking enabed? If yes, disable them.

There is nothing on the Volumio website in the “Activate MyVolumio On Devices” site. I turned off the firewall.

Ok now login again into your raspberry. Make sure all firewalls and filtering is off as they might be blocking myvolumio requests

I added the raspberry to the DMZ on the router. I did a router restart. It shows on the raspberry that I have a Virtuoso account and when I try to turn on bluetooth, I write that I need to upgrade the playn. I already have no ideas what is going on.

Can you check, from your raspberry PI, in your profile, if you have your PI listed in the devices list?

If that still does not work, try to use your phone hotspot to connect to internet (connect your PI to your phone hotspot)

via hotspot on the phone works ok.
thank you

Now it has also started working on the home network via router and ADSL.