install img on new RPI- after chang system name boot fails

Is there something unique about a img that would not allow it to be transferred from one RPI to another?

I am creating multiple RPI Volumio devices, so I created an img file using linux dd on existing RPI1, then placed it onto a new SD card intended for use in RPI2.

The resultant img file, which will be used in RPI2, will have the static ip of RPI1 and the name of RPI1, and so both will need to be modified after booting RPI2 with RPI1 offline to avoid ip and name conflicts, so I shutdown RPI1.

I then Inserted the new SD into the new RPI2, booted, and it worked fine, but of course still has the static ip address and system name for RPI1, as expected.

So, to first change the system name, I went to the system tab on RPI2 and changed the name from from RPI1 to RPI2, but left the static ip address unchanged; it still reflected the static ip address of RPI1 - I would change it later, before putting RPI1 back online.

Now RPI2 won’t boot! I powered RPI2 down, took the SD card out from RPI2, and placed into RPI1, and it boots!

Thanks for any help!

When booting on RPI2, the monitor doesn’t show anything either - just black.

What gives? Is there some sort of MAC address carryover from building the img this way? I don’t have MAC filtering enabled on my router.