initial volume too high

Hi Folks
I have my Odroid C1+ running with a Sabre ES9023 DAC, and it sounds very nice.
My only issue is that the volume is too high.
I have to turn my amp way down.
The menus controls don’t work and I tried to change in alsamixer but again no joy.
Oh, I should mention I am streamming spotify if that makes a difference.

ess9023 doesn’t support hardware volume control. So if you want to manage it in volumio, you have to choose “software volume” in the setting. But this works only for mpd. Spopd wich is used for spotify can’t use it. It’s because I wrote how I created a software volume control and how to make spopd using it : :wink:

I was afraid it was something like that.
Thanks for the reply. I can stop chasing this.