I'm Back

I tried Roon a while ago before delving into Raspberries and bridges. However, after I got my Allo Boss and a new Pi3b+, I thought I’d try again.

As I was running Volumio on the Boss/3b+, I initially set up Roon on a 3b/JustBoom bridge setup. I eventually got it to work with my PC as server and Core and it is wonderful for information and nerdy stuff but the audio is the same, I think. Ears and years tend to make one less analytical.

Anyway, I thought, let’s swapped the SD’s and see what happens. Six hours and many Dietpi/reboots etc later, nothing. It couldn’t/wouldn’t read the Allo Boss and my router was having trouble. Roon only seems to work on a wired connection, it picked up nothing on wi-fi.

It may be me and my stuff, but I’ve never has these issues before. I swapped the SD cards back an Volumio immediately back on line, wirelessly.


Welcome back :slight_smile: