Ignoring accents in search strings

It would be a great feature to ignore accents when searching. For example, if you want to search for “André Previn” at the moment, you must type the accented letter ‘é’. In some other music software (e.g. Audirvana) this problem is handled by ignoring accents so you can just search for “Andre Previn”. This is also helpful because some tags have the accents removed and it is difficult to know whether each artist, album name or track name has the accents included. In some cases, the same artist name can be written with or without accents depending on the album, etc.

I try and avoid special characters where I can (I guess it’s easier with the English language), they are hard to type/find on a standard US keyboard, and can vary between operating systems and character sets. It doesn’t look as good with the plain characters, but it’s easier to manage.