i2s dacs for raspberry pi

Hello music lovers. i would like to share my thoughts since no one made a comparison on some of the dacs on the market for RPI.
This is just my personal opinion, based on my personal system.
I have been buying dacs since last year to see their capabilities and if i like their sound. (before i had a metrum octave dac and a usb spdif audiophilleo)

At the moment i have 4 dacs , hifiberry dac+, iqaudio dac+, durio sound pro and mamboberry dac.
The first two dacs have the same chip pcm 5122 the sound is near but the iq audio has a bit more bass. They have clear sound but no musicality (that feeling that is missing something natural on the music). The durio(pcm 5102) sounds better thant the other two but a litle less real (more sintetic sound) than the mamboberry. The mamboberry has more bass definition, and the instruments sound more real, cymbals, voices etc. i ear true music, not sounds.
This is just my personal opinion and based on my system, i tested on volumio and other two similiar systems. I own an luxman amp and i´m a vinil guy with several turtables, so for me is dificult to listening to digital. But this dacs with volumio and or other systems available have very nice sound. (almost analog :slight_smile:

i would like to ear more opinions since there are more RPI Dacs available.

Hi Pistorello!
Congratulations for your DAC collection! :smiley:
I have a Durio Sound Pro and a Marantz CD 6003 connected together to a Marantz PM7001 and two Chario Constellation Cygnus.
I don’t ear any big differences between Durio and CD6003, for me are both fantastics!
Open and very clear sound!
Durio is better because is cheaper! :mrgreen:

Yes the pcm 5102 sounds very good but the es 9023 has more fuller and natural sound. Give it a try if you can :slight_smile:

Hi Pistorello

What do you think of the sound quality of the much higher priced Metrum Octave with Audiophilleo, vs the Hifiberry Dac+ ?

Again a big price difference -can you compare the two S/PDIF outputs - the Audiophilleo to the Digi+

To give perspective, please let us know what speakers and amplifier you use

Thank you!


Hello Otto i was disapoited with the metrum audiophilleo combination. I ve compared them with an old modified pioneer cd player and the cd player had much more soundstage and musicality. On the pi i had hifiberry dac +, iq audio same chip similiar type of sound with a lot of detail but for my ears no musicality. Now i have durio, mamboberry and audiophonics last version. I prefer the mamboberry. It has musicality and real natural sound .if you listen to cymbas etc you will see the difference on dacs. I compared with the last hype , ifi idsd micro and i prefer the mambo. I use old amplifiers from the 70s . marantz, luxman but with new speakers.

Thanks Pistorello

Are your amps tube, or solid state?


Solid state. I listened to mamboberry in my neibor system, a plinios (7000 euros) against the ifi micro idsd and prefered the mambo.

Dear pistollero,
How are you? Thank you for your comparison of the dacs. How are you powering the mamboberry ?

They sell a 6v 50va Toroidal Transformer (Audio special) to go along with the mamboberry. Thinking of buying the mamboberry and the 6v 50va Toroidal Transformer.

Thank you !