I am a Noobie here having just discovered Volumio

I have played with Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi since the release of the original Model 1B but have no previous experience with Volumio or using the Raspberry Pi as an Audio Streamer.

My interests run from Retro Computing with the BBC Model B to HiFi equipment from the 60s, 70’s and 80’s, including Quad, Thorens and Revox products.

I look forward to gleanig information here and sharing what I know with anybody who is interested.



Hi Robin, welcome to the Community. Feel free to ask questions or offer up your own advice/opinions :smiley:

@chsims1 Thank you for your warm welcome. I will post my query separately and hopefully somebody else has experienced my issue before and can help me work around it.

Best wishes to you all, Robin

Hi! I’m also a newbie here. Hope to figure it out soon!

Hi Robin, I am new here too but your message got me thinking. I have a Quad 33/303 sitting in a corner of a spare room. I might just want to bring that back to life with a Pi/DAC set up and see how it performs . . . . Something to fill the quiet days ahead :grinning:

@Whitear I have a Quad 34/405-II and am successfully feeding the RPi VolumIO output into the Radio input on the Pre-Amp. I am waiting for delivery of a DAC Hat but in the meantime, have started ripping my collection of some 700 CDs to FLAC usinf Fre:ac.

If you see my other threads, you will see that VolumIO is very good at cataloguing by artist and Genre across multiple storage devices and this makes it very easy to fnd an album or track. … Much easier than rifling through hundreds of CD cases!

I can easily perceive the improvement in fidelity between the FLAC files and some previous MP3 @192k rips but at my age, I accept that my ears are not now as discriminating as they used to be.

I am happy to share experience with you if you decide to pursue this.


Hi Robin,

Thanks for the advice, I shall have to give this a try when I can find a moment.

I am not familiar with “Fre:ac” is that a free/share bit of software ? It’s an academic question as I have ripped all my CDs last summer and now I generally buy downloads - unless I see something in the secondhand shop or bargain bin.

Like you I question my ability to truly discern the highest res files after a lifetime of roach concerts, motorcycles etc. What I do notice much more now is the quality and style of music production between different albums. I have found some fantastic production on 1950s/1960s albums and some dire production on 1980s stuff.

I am pretty happy with my setup now and I get the real feeling of being in a studio control room or, in the case o live albums, standing up from the by the stage. It’s that sense of reality that I wanted and not the ability to “split hairs” reviewing music or the kit it is played on.

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch and Ill let you know how I get on.

All the best

Nick W,

Hi Nick @Whitear ,

Fre:ac is a CD ripper which can rip to FLAC (lossless) format files which retain the original CD quqality. See this thread How do you Rip CDs to FLAC files to play using Volumio? - #24 by balbuze

I have also used a program called MAGIX which creates CDs from analogue signal from a source such as Vinyl though I haven’t yet ripped those to FLAC files.

Enjoy your new pursuit, Robin

Thanks Robin I shall check that out

Nick W.