Volumio Information

Volumio Version: vvolumio 3
Hardware: Raspberry pi3
DAC:dsp helix usb
sorry for the double post I need help. this wingle key is recognized in volume but connects to android it connects to the Apn of the Tim sim card. Is it possible to do this also in volume? I don’t want to connect via wi fi, I would like to use the key as a wired network. It’s possible?

You are better with using wifi if its possible, you do not want to share the USB bus with networking when you play audio via usb to your DSP.

I have pretty much same setup in my car, expect that i use my tablet which is on the dashboard to share network connection wirelessly for the RPI which then feeds my helix dsp in the trunk of car.

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in a few days the Raspberry pi4 arrives, which should not suffer from USB bus problems

but you have problems with the connection on the go? unfortunately with volume connected to the hotspot of the phone I stop playing continuously. I can not understand if it is the fault of the phone or the manager Tim. that’s why I wanted to try another method. listening to music in streaming is very convenient. I accept advice

I have had no issues with it, volumio plays songs from qobuz/Spotify just as good as it would if i was in home with wired connection(granted that I’m in area with 3g/4g coverage of course), i do not know if rpi 4 does have better wireless reception than rpi3, i have rpi4 myself.

Do you have another phone to test it? Or some other device to share the connection for both phone and rpi same time.

Also what’s the speed of the data plan on your phone? And what are the actual speeds you get with speedtest.

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I have the Huawei key that I will try tonight on my way home. the speed test on my phone gives me 70mbps at best. in some cases even 50

That should be fast enought for audio streaming, so the culprit must be something else. (I get similar speeds most of the time with my tablet)

Have you tried to increase the playback buffer a bit on Volumio side?

One thing to try for is to keep the phone screen on while listening, to avoid any power saving mode.

you gave me an important suggestion. I hadn’t thought about energy saving

thanks for the hint. i dont know how i did not think about it. i did a test with the phone on and i have to say it almost never stopped. i press my head unit is android px5 which plays qubuz via usb audio player pro .it is much more convenient than volumio because it starts and stops with the key in 3 seconds. But it is very slow due to the poorly performing px5 processor. if volumio works better and will be more fluid, then it will become the main player. really

I wanted to report an update for my situation. unfortunately in the evening after 6pm it is impossible to reproduce any form of streaming in wi fi. the exact connection test gives me 300 kbps where playback skips. where instead it is fluid it goes from 2 to a maximum of 8mbps. I think it is an overload problem in the area