How to setup wireless without password?

So I just killed the last 4 hours trying to get my Netgear N150 working with Volumio. It turns out that not having a passkey set on my router was the issue (I live in an area without neighbors and it makes it easier for guests to connect). I selected the “no security” option on the Volumio network config screen and manually set all of my wifi details in /etc/network/interfaces, but never could get the wireless adapter to obtain an IP address (or probably even connect to the router).

Once I created a wpa2 password and added the details to Volumio I was immediately able to obtain an IP address and access Volumio as expected. So how do I properly configure Volumio, either through the network config page or manually editing /etc/network/interfaces, to connect to my router without setting a wpa2 passkey?

I will fix that bug. Thanks for reporting, investigate and let you know

Cool, thanks! I thought maybe I was missing some critical, albeit obscure, setting to make it all work and could not for the life of me figure out a proper search term to get the solution.

Nope It turned out to be a bug in the wireless configuration. I solved it, plus I took the chance to rework a bit the network settings…
Thanks for reporting… In next version you’ll find a much more user friendly network management…

Sweet! Had an issue with the wifi adapter going into sleep mode, but was able to find solutions for that one easy enough :smiley:

Currently running a raspy b v.1, but swapping with my brother in law shortly and then getting the IQaudio pi-dac. Will post pics and description after that.


i am having a similar problem

I have set up raspberry pi b+ with the iq audio dac+ using volumio 1.41

i had to modify it to make the dac visible in the GUI, using the process set out on page 17 here: … IO_Doc.pdf

I am not familiar at all with using SHH or code, and not all of the actions seemed to work, but somehow the dac is now working.

My objective is to run volumio wireless without a wired ethernet connection - but so far i have been unable to assign a wireless IP address to the device.

I am using wireless with no password (the router allows for devices to be registered) and ideally would want to avoid using a WPA key as it will involve changing the wireless configuration of too many other devices here.

is there a way of assigning a static wireless IP address?

Yes. You should be able to set up a DHCP reservation.

I have two Pi’s running volumio. One is wired and the other on wifi. I have set up DHCP reservations (put the name, MAC address and desired IP address from the DHCP range in a list as a reservation.)

On my router, I had to do this manually for wifi because it kept complaining that I was trying to set up a duplicate entry.

I set the DHCP lease to the minimum (10 minutes in my case), switched off the device and waited until the one I wanted to fix and entry for disappeared off the lease list. Put the info in manually, saved and restarted the device.

(This is a quirk I think, I didn’t have to do this with the wired connection, that one I could just select and then assign a static ip reservation.)

you can edit /etc/netwok/interfaces