How to override the default IR Remote Control functions

I’m using the built-in IR Remote Controller plugin version 1.4.1. It works beautifully, but I would like to customise the controls.

The default is for the up/down buttons on the Apple remote controller to issue seek commands.

Instead, I would like them to issue volumio volume plus and volumio volume minus commands.

Is it possible to save this configuration somewhere so that it overrides the defaults, and will not be itself be overwritten at the next update?

I created a new directory (My_Remote) alongside the other original remote directories in the configurations directory in the app. Then I copied the appropriate lircrc and lircd.conf files from the remote I wanted to edit into my directory. Edit the lircrc file as you need and then you can select My_Remote from the remote plugin settings. I don’t know if an update will remove your directory or not, probably best to keep a copy safe to drop into the plugin again should you need to.

That’s pretty much what I’ve done, thanks. I believe an update will overwrite any customisation in the system plugins, so I’m keeping a safe copy.

This is correct “only” for updates of the plugin itself, not updates of Volumio.

This has been implemented with version 1.4.2 of the plugin.

User-specific configurations for remote controls can now be stored in a dedicated folder named “/data/INTERNAL/ir_controller/configurations”. A subfolder must be created in the aforementioned directory for each remote control, in which the LIRC files “lircrc” and “lirc.conf” are stored for the remote control.

The name of the subfolder appears in the list of selectable remote controls. If this name is also used for one of the remote control configurations already supplied, the user’s own configuration with the same name takes precedence.

NOTE: Updating the plugin does not affect the user-defined configurations. However, when the plugin is uninstalled, the “/data/INTERNAL/ir_controller” directory is deleted along with all the subfolders and files it contains.