How to manage playlists

I am very new to Volumio. I have managed to connect to my NAS (had the sec= To figure out) and I am quite happy with sound quality, even without the HiFiBerry board that I have on order.
I want to create separate playlists for my wife and myself and just cannot figure out how to make this work.
It seems like each track played (from the Browse tab) is added to the Playlist tab, and you can also Add tracks without plsying them. I have been able to enter two playlist names and Save them. I have checked behind the scenes and the playlist files are definitely being created.
I can see the two playlists in the Browse tab but can’t “drill down” to see the list of tracks. is this normal? I can play the playlists and step between tracks, but woth no visibility of the tracks.
For some reason I always have the same list tracks in both playlists, and this can be seen also in the playist files.
Is there a simple tutorial that explains how to manage and use playlist? I really need some help with this.

It looks like some of the problems were web browser issues. When I switched to Chrome things started to make more sense.

So is this the way it works?

In the Browse tab you add tracks to the Playlist by either playing them or adding them. You can then go to the Playlist tab, type in a name and save a Playlist. Back in the Browse tab, if you double click on a named Playlist, the tracks are added to the current Playlist. If you do the same for other named Playlists, their tracks are added to the cuurent Playlist. To clear the current Playlist, you go to the Playlists tab and click Clear Queue.


But there is one little thing in the Webui missing, a remove playlist button. So this has to be done from the command line or using shared folder access

Thanks, I seem to be up and running now. I does seem that you need to dive into SSH to do some tasks that should really be available in the Web UI.

One thing the I am still not sure about is purpose the up and down buttons near the “Clear Playlist” button on the Playlist tab. I thought that maybe they were for changing the list order, but apparently not.

What I really like is the simplicity of the UI. My wife is the first to admit tgat she is a technophobe and I am hoping that she will be happy to use Volumio playlists. As I said, the sound quailty is quite good, even straight of the Pi board. I assume the it will be even better when I get my HiFiBerry.

The up and down button lets you go to the top and bottom of the playlist.
Granted changing the order with those buttons would be more useful.

Thanks, I guess that the action of these buttons isn’t visible until you have a list that is more than a single screen.

I assume that, for now, the order of the list can be achieved by editing the m3u files (in nano or whatever).

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