How to get list of myWebRadio via socketIO?

I’m currently playing around with AxLED’s Pirate Audio plugin, and trying to focus it just on web radio as the only source (cutting out local media or plugins like Spotify). To that end I’ve removed all the other sources from the web UI, and so when socketIO emits getBrowseSources it only comes back with Web Radio.

However what I’d like to do is focus it so that rather than coming back with the source from the root, that I can send a command to directly get back (and display for selection) either the content of Web Radio or of My Web Radio (ie my pre-stored list of stations) without having to navigate from the root downwards to it.

On the Rest API I can do it with curl localhost:3000/api/v1/browse?uri=radio or curl localhost:3000/api/v1/browse?uri=radio/myWebRadio but I’m struggling to get the equivalent for socketIO.

I’m basing it around socketIO.emit('getBrowseSources', '', on_push_browsesources) but no matter what I put in the second argument, I get back the list of sources from the root (ie “Web Radio” in my case).

I’m very much a beginner on APIs and sockets, so any guidance that anyone can suggest would be gratefully accepted.