How to disable webGUI?? Mine Crashes like a B*****H

I want to use Volumio GUI but it is such a PITA, on a fresh restart everything works fine. If I leave Volumio running overnight, in the morning everything is FROZEN, no GUI, No Sound… At which point I have to SSH in and restart PHP, MPD etc… not really “AUDIOPHILE” friendly or elegant…

Is it possible to get rid of the WebGUI and use a third party Controller? I guess if webGUI is not required I could also get rid of PHP and NginX??

Install a plain raspian, install mpd and control it with gmpc on your PC (Linux or Win) or an App on your Apple/Android-device.

I suppose you are right! Is there a list of things that were fixed/enhanced in the Volumio edition? Something that I can apply manually to a vanilla install?

I think the web GUI is an integral part of Volumio, and do not wish to disable it. However, on my Raspberry Pi, I’ve had two occasions where php5-fpm would eat all resources, causing the music to stop and the GUI to become unresponsive.

Is there anything to try to resolve this? A apt-get update/upgrade perhaps?

Stop webGUI:

/etc/init.d/php5-fpm stop sh /etc/init.d/nginx stop
Start webGUI:

sh /etc/init.d/nginx start /etc/init.d/php5-fpm start
…as suggested here.

I was hoping for a more permanent, non-SSH-based solution. Currently testing the Pi without the HiFImeDIY DAC, because it seems that the issue started appearing when I connected the DAC. Prior to that it had been running flawlessly for two weeks.

Thank you for the tips. I have been restarting it all as you say. But IMHO restarting gui via SSH is not a solution to what is being tagged as an “audiophile” player. How many “audiophiles” do you know who carry around a laptop when they want to sit down for a tune or 2…

ah, lets listen to some music… damn… wait… I have to piss around over ssh… No thanks… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Due to the number of issues with webGUI, I have almost switched to Squeezelite + Shareport. No more building MPD database and GUI crashes :smiley:

How about stopping web GUI and using mpdroid (or similar mobile mpd client) from your phone?

I guess that is a possible solution. I was browsing around the PHP source files and I think SMB mounts are done via PHP. So, when you restart with webGUI off, you may not get the mounts. The GUI player and GUI Volumio config are all intertwined in php files.

The smb mounts are not done by php but a script is run at boot up to make sure your Filesystem matches the files from Volumio. I’m pretty sure Volumio really is just the webui. Remove nginx php and split and remove the extra script line from RC.Local and there you have it. A lightweight Linux distro with mpd. Then pick a client and you’re all set. If you take a look at my blog post this will explain it a bit more.

Split is sqlite btw. Stupid autocorrect