How to cancel Volumio

How to cancel subscription? The update has made my RP3 setups useless. I was better off with the free version of Volumio and would like to make sure I’m not charged again for this crappy so-called service.

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I contacted support and was basically ignored. I no longer use volumio at all. I feel I’ve duped. Volumio never delivered and a free software package is doing everything that volumio promised and more. I paid for a year of this crap and want a refund

Have you both opened a ‘support ticket’?

Yes. Opened the ticket. They basically didnt read the message and said volumio 3 bugs were being worked on. I replied saying that wasnt my issue, and was ignored.

Money down the drain for a product I dont use, and because of this, will NEVER use again!

Just curious, which application are you using now? As I am not aware of any that natively supports both Qobuz and Tidal on a pi.

Can you PM your ticket number please?

I started a support ticket too, nothing happened. I thought one of the selling points of paying for Volumio was there would be support, I was wrong. Twice I received generic “support” tickets but that’s all that happens. Best I can tell the support is to use the forums to find others with similar problems.

Picoreplayer. I dont use Qubuz but it supports it. I use Tidal and the multiroom and Chromecast support a lot, the autogen playlists, ability to control different devices right on my TV (with remote support), and on my homebrew portable, the EQ

I am in the exact same situation!

I think the silent majority disagree with you, but then I have as much evidence to back that claim as you do yours. Bye, from a very happy Volumio 3 user.

Indeed it’s free and seems to do the job, but not sure if it is all that better. It’s a lot of plugins without any agreement on the GUI. too many options, settings, tabs to go through etc that might confuse/scare people.
It depends on 3 different programs, which might effect stability.

True, there are still some very specific bugs with V3 which are being address. But overall I think Volumio delivers a complete user friendly package.

we are in public holiday period in Europe, in a few days the team will get back up to speed

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As darmur said, the technical support people is having a well deserved break for Christmas and new years eve holidays.

Few days of patience and we will help you, in case you still need.

Anyways, make sure you keep being polite and respectful with your words and claims.

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A few days of patience? I emailed about a refund back on Dec 14! I dont want developer help anymore. Every time I asked for that, I got ignored. I just want to cancel the year long subscription for something I cant use.

Picoreplayer has the features I thought volumio had or would do soon, and it does it NOW. Nobody is trying to charge me extra for the Material Skin. Setup may have a lot of options, but thats just more things I can adjust to suite my needs. I’m not scared of extra options! Picore constantly surprises me about how much just works while volumio was a constant frustration trying to make it do anything with pay walls added to the list of technical barriers. So, it has nothing to do with free beer, and everything to do with free speech (if you are familiar with Stallman’s comparison).

Then I am really sorry if that’s the case. We will check asap what happened with your ticket and take action promptly

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