How to add radio streams to Volumio?

I have been using Volumio for years now and it has been trouble free. Recently, the SD card from where Volumio is running died so I had to get new one and install latest version. Now, I do not know how to add my radio streams. \volumio doesn’t work and when I go by IP address, I get three folders (all empty):

Internal Storage

There is no WebRadio folder which is mentioned in the FAQ.

Any ideas?

The easiest way is to add them manually in the UI

stored in /data/favourites/my-web-radio

Some older browsers (like Opera 12.18) don’t show the icon or don’t react on it.

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Thanks guys. I have added the stations thru web interface.

One more question: How do I connect to Volumio to make a copy of all the stations I just added? I know I can create image of the whole SD card but I would like to grab the files with stations. As I mentioned before, when I connect to Volumio, I only get “Internal Storage”, “NAS” and “USB” folders. All of them are empty. I have tried from Mac and Windows with the same results.

webradio stations are stored in text file \data\favourites\my-web-radio. Just need to copy or edit that one file using any editor.

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I understand, but how do I access this file? Going to \volumio or \ip_address doesn’t show \data\ folder.

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You can ‘ssh’ into Volumio (how to enable ssh), or use the data backup plugin.

Or download WinSCP.exe and copy the map \data\favourites to your PC

I use FileZilla. Very simple to setup & use. Screen cap attached. FWIW in case its useful info I use another program FreeFileSync to synchronize my music library from PC to a Volumio USB flash drive using SFTP too.
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