How to access hard drive directly attached to router?

I’m new to raspberry pi and volumio. How could I mount the usb external hard drive directly attached to the router. I wired by raspberry pi 2 directly to my router Netgear R6200. I can access my external hard drive from all devices in the local network, no login & password required. I can see the music files via android phones and it shows the path smb/***.mp3.

I tried ip: & ;
I tried Remote directory: //readyshare/USB_Storage/Music ; USB_Storage/Music ; USB_Storage ; Music. But no success.
Can anyone help me? What are the settings?

Thanks in advance.

At first You need to see right path to you folder in router setting (menu USB Storage on it, for example)
After in NAS mount menu in Volumio GIU:

IP-address - like your router,


folder - in my case only short path (hdd/MUSIC) - exactly like in router setting!

With Cubietruck and Volumio 1.4 (Raspy) it’s work perfectly, but with Volumio 1.55 (Raspy 2) don’t. I dont’ know, why.

I tried
IP address:
Remote directory: USB_Storage
But failed.

However, the same setting is fine with runeaudio. Don’t know why.
I hope I could use volumio.


Probably already done this but have you set up the folders to be shared through your router interface?


You can see the right path to your HDD folder in this page.

I think that the your path is not correct - you need to use “/”

As fact I have exactly the same problem - I have router Netgear with USB connected, and I can’t connect it like NAS! For RuneAudio all ok, and for Cubie/Volumio all ok, but not for Raspy/Volumio.

May be there is a problem with router?