How does piano dac compare to CXA60 inbuilt dac

Hi, I’m, currently using a NAD 3020A amplifier and was planning on getting the Allo - Kali + Piano 2.1 bundle.

Down the track, I was thinking about purchasing something like the Cambridge CXA60 that contains the Wolfson WM8740 DAC.

I was wondering how the two DACS compare so if I go that route I can decide if I would be better off with something like the Allo - Digione and use spdif.


My personal opinion, go for the Allo DigiOne or Hifiberry Digi+ Pro and use SPDIF to feed your D3020 and later your CXA60.

A properly implemented external DAC usually outperforms a RPi HAT DAC as the external DAC has much more room/features to do a better implementation of the DAC chip used. The difference in, the quality of, the implementation makes a bigger difference than the chip used in most cases.

Also SPDIF gives you more freedom further down the line.

That said, if you want a very cost effective and small setup than using a HAT DAC with the Kali is a good option. Especially withe the Piano 2.1 in Dual Mono.

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Thanks for your reply Patrick.

The NAD 3020A only has analogue inputs so if I go the SPIF option while using it, I’ll also need at DAC in between.

Hello Aaron
I own the same amplifier, it’s a nice little gem, and i use the Allo Boss.
I have tried different dacs and also used a Hifiberry Digi
In my opinion is the analogue output of the Boss far superior over the built in dac of the NAD.
So i would spent my money on a Boss or Kali Piano combination, as it is described as equal or even better than the Boss.

Thanks for the advice mveldman