How can i disable pinch zoom on chromium display rasp pi 3 d

hi ! guys !

first post so please be kind :wink: (I did do a search and couldn’t find the solution so…

Just installed the latest image of volumio on raspberry pi 3 and the official 7" touch screen display. It all seems to be working but…

Is there a way I can disable the pinch zoom on the local chromum thats used on the local 7" touch screen display?




Thanks in advance

so…i almost figured it out myself (lol) after some digging around i found that…

the process that volumio seems to start is “chromium-browser” and there does seem to be a switch to disable touch pinch as per:


Question is - where abouts does the volumio plugin for the official 7" display start the “chromium-browser” process?

Anyone ?

Since it’s an official Volumio plugin you can find it on the Volumio github pages. According to the code there it should be “/opt/”.

The official github: :wink:

ok great thanks - I managed to switch it off as you suggested, I changed the file “/opt/” and this line:

/usr/bin/chromium-browser --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --kiosk --no-first-run 'http://localhost:3000'


/usr/bin/chromium-browser --no-touch-pinch --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --kiosk --no-first-run 'http://localhost:3000'

Question is - Should this be changed in the github ? I much prefer it as always having the volumio fullscreen is mich better (sometimes i’ve noticed the GUI seems to zoom in and then I have to pinch to zoom back out again).

I forked the code and created a pull request (never done this before so be kind :slight_smile: ) here:

Thoughts ?

Thank you for this post. Since you’ve discovered some interesting parameters, id like to ask if it is possible to start chromium with a zoom factor of 85. (Or somewhere in netween 80-90)
I find this a better size for the 7’ screen, not to mention that it gets rid of the right side scrollbar which is no longer needed.
I know that zooming out can be achieved using Ctrl -, but it would be more convenient if this was implemented from startup.