HiRes DSD2PCM USB DAC Dropouts/crackling

Setup: RPi3, Volumio 2.141, USB Schiit Modi 2 Uber
Output: DSD to PCM

I, like other people, have alot of issues with USB DAC output.
I am getting alot of dropouts on Hi Res DSD to PCM files and a fair amount of crackling, no dropouts but some crackling on Hi Res Flac (24bit/92khz) and up, 16bit/44.1 has about 3 instances of crackling throughout a track.
All tracks have crackling when first starting to play,

Has anyone found a proper solution to Volumio handling hi res files properly?

Another issue that I am having from Volumio is that I cannot play DSD to PCM tracks when the internal software mixer is on. The entire reason why I am using volumio is to have wireless play of Hi Res music files and have the ability to control volume remotely. So it would be nice to have this fixed or to have it automatically switch to Hardware mixer for DSD files.

It is not the Volumio software that has a problem with playing hi-res audio, but it is a limitation of the RPi. It is just not suited to be used as an USB audio feed due to the hardware limitations of the USB chip.

If you want to stick to USB, you are probably better of with a different SBC like Sparky or Odroid or a NUC. When you prefer the RPi, look at feeding the DAC through SPDIF.

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