HiFiBerry Dac + Pro Power Supply Question


Can anyone help with guidance on how to power the analogue circuits on the HiFiBerry Dac + Pro with a separate power supply?

I know I need to remove the resistor, and I know I need to connect a 5v power supply’s red and black wires to the Grnd and 5V connection on the DAC board, but I’m struggling to do this.

A poster on another forum advised I use headers rather than solder direct to the board. Another poster mentioned soldering on a female micro USH socket.

My problem is tracking down an appropriate header to be able to do this. All USB headers seem to be 4pin, with this power and ground on the outside pins. The 5v and GRND holes on the DAC are too close together to be able to use these headers.

Can someone advise what socket / header I need to solder to the DAC to most effectively attach a power supply? I would prefer not to solder the wires directly, so I can still unplug the PI from all power easily, so a female micro usb socket would be ideal but I’m at a loss for how to achieve this. Many thanks!

Check this thread, lots of mods to that board diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=285811

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By using a good power supply is not necessary to separate rpi from hifiberry. Try ifi ipower, very good solution. Switching but with very low noise, less than linear power supply.

Hi, if you are not afraid of soldering irons check out our project regarding power supplies
sites.google.com/a/architekturk … xs/concept

I have a dac pro in line for my next player (X-7 series mark III) with separate superteddyregs to AVDD and DVDD of the chip. I don’t have the pro in front of me but if it’s the pcm5122 the analog section wants 3V3 (directly, without the on board LDO)