Hifiberry DAC : mute and change volume doesn't work

i have just installed the recent volumio using Rasperry Pi and a Hifiberry DAC. The only bad thing is that the mute control and change of volume does’t work: If I change the value to any other value than 100% it immediately goes back to 100% . I used the standard configuration.
Do I have to use a specific configuration ?
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Playback options -> Volume -> software volume :
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … ality.html

Hello michelangelo I have the same problem as funslerv so I followed your solution but it does not work. For some reason I can’t set the Audio Volume control to Software. Is it shown in the dropdown box but when I hit the Save button the webpage just freezes after a few seconds.

Thanks for feedback

I have just bought HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro. When connected, many new configuration options poped out, with many of those Volume-related. The thing is, that I couldn’t find any documentation on them, nor from VolumIO nor from Hifiberry. I can post screenshot later today.

Nevertheless, when I set Volume Mixer - hardware and Volume mode - digital, the volume controls work (I will confirm correct option naming later today, but you got an idea)

same issue here with Volumio and Hifiberry DAC. In previous Volumio version volume control worked, but since the last updates I also don’t get volume changes anymore - strange.

Thanks for any feedback

ok, found this newer thread: After Update to v2.657, no volume control