Hifiberry DAC : mute and change volume doesn't work

i have just installed the recent volumio using Rasperry Pi and a Hifiberry DAC. The only bad thing is that the mute control and change of volume does’t work: If I change the value to any other value than 100% it immediately goes back to 100% . I used the standard configuration.
Do I have to use a specific configuration ?
Thanks for feedback

Playback options -> Volume -> software volume :
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … ality.html

Hello michelangelo I have the same problem as funslerv so I followed your solution but it does not work. For some reason I can’t set the Audio Volume control to Software. Is it shown in the dropdown box but when I hit the Save button the webpage just freezes after a few seconds.

Thanks for feedback

I have just bought HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro. When connected, many new configuration options poped out, with many of those Volume-related. The thing is, that I couldn’t find any documentation on them, nor from VolumIO nor from Hifiberry. I can post screenshot later today.

Nevertheless, when I set Volume Mixer - hardware and Volume mode - digital, the volume controls work (I will confirm correct option naming later today, but you got an idea)