HiFiBerry Amp+ vs IQuadIO DigiAmp+

Has anyone compared these two products? They both use the TI 5756 chip and don’t use a DAC. They feed the bit stream from the Rpi IS2 bus to an onboard class D amp. IQuadIO claim higher quality coils over the HiFiBerry product and also supports 192kbps encodes.

The IQuardIO product claims 35 watts per channel if you use a 19v DC power supply where the HiFiBerry product is 25 watts max claim with 18v power supply. The DigiAmp+ has hardware muting and volume control pins also. They also have a output gain control delector based upon which pins you select, although higher gain increases THD.

All input is welcome. Ideally someone has done a. comparison of both products. I have used several Amp+ boards and am very pleased with them. However if the DigiAmp+ has higher wattage (using 19v power supply) and similar or lower THD I may switch to their product for future builds.

I have an AMP+
I also have a Hifiberry DAC and Digi and was happy with the product quality. Also DIGIAMP+ wasn’t available when I bought the AMP+
I’ve been happy with the AMP+… there’s been a couple of internet radio stations it hasn’t been able to play, that’s about it issue-wise.

If I was to get anther one I’d probably go for a PolyVection PlainAMP as it’s significantly cheaper and based on the same chip as the DIGIAMP+ although it appears it has been discontinued now. PolyVection does appear to have some interesting things in development…