Hifi Berry Dac 2 HD

I have successfully running the HifiBerry Dac+ on an RPI 3B+. Before Christmas I ordered the
HifiBerry Dac 2HD.

I couldn´t run with Volumio (release from Nov.20). With the Hifi Berry OS it run well.
Does anyone of you have an Idea why I couldn´t run with Volumio?



depends, proper device overlay (hifiberry-dacplushd.dtbo) may not have been available yet for the Raspberry kernel used in Nov 20 release and therefore not added by Volumio.

Will be checked.

Try and remove the HD2Dac. Boot Volumio and set it up to play from the analog out. Power down, attach the HD2Dac and boot. Should switch to the HD2Dac automatically and play.

just had a look, the .dtbo is available in the latest Volumio image