Hiface 2


Just reporting back experience with my Hiface 2 DAC, on the Raspberry Pi. I have Raspyfi, which works pretty well, so thought I’d give Volumio a try on a spare SD card.

At first it didn’t seem to find my Hiface 2 DAC at all. Alsamixer was just reporting the Pi’s onboard DAC. However a few reboots and Volumio did find my Hiface 2 DAC. I was interested to find out how it did with some hi-res tracks I downloaded from www.2l.no (24-bit 96khz and 192khz). It played them pretty well, but I think still an occasional slight ‘pop’ on some tracks. Fine with playback of 16-bit 44.1khz or 48khz though. I think it may be slightly better than Raspyfi.

I did notice that shutdown (halt) from SSH didn’t seem to work. The Raspberry Pi’s led lights were still flashing away when they should have stopped.

However, anything new is likely to have bugs!

One thing. I’ve got Raspyfi set up on a 64gb SD card, with most of my music stored locally on the card. It works well, and no problems with network traffic over ethernet causing overload on the USB bus. It might be problematical however if I wanted to upgrade to Volumio, when just flashing the card would zap my music library. Is there any way round that? Can you upgrade in some way from a Raspyfi installation (i.e. without over-writing the local music library)?


Sorry, you can do that but it is a little bit complicated, since you mus copy manually all the files from the first and second partitions…