Hi there from germany

Hi everyone,

Time to introduce myself:
My name is Thorsten, I’m in the mid 40’s and use volumio now for a couple of months.
It replaced a Sonos system, because their regulations and forced updates, together with not-so-seldom dropouts were enough for a change.

Right now, I use 4 Raspberry 3B+, all with hifiberry dacs: 2x Amp2, 1x DACplus, 1xDigital, controlled by android app (very slick, my wife loves it!), iOS and 7’ Touch. We use the music on our Windows server (flac), tune-in and Spotify premium.
Despite smaller problems, the whole familiy is quite satisfied. The boys love the Airplay capability!

The setup is supplemented by a home cinema with Windows-based playback (Jriver Mediacenter 25).

Best regards,



Wilkommen Thorsten! Nice to see how your fam adopted the ecosystem, if you have any questions just post them on the forum.