hi-res audio play back


I am having problem playback hi-res audio file on my pi2 with DAC+ setup. The playback is not smooth where it pause about 1sec and then continue it again. This happen thru out an entire music file.

If i am playing an audio file with least than 150MB file size which is it okay. Can you advice what setting that I need to configure.

My setup configuration.
[1] Hardware - Pi2 + Hifiberry DAC+
[2] Software - Volumio V1.5
[3] Source- HP mybook external hard disk
[4] Connection - USB link

Thanks and Regards
KL Tham

I assume you are streaming over the network ?

I guess your network isn’t fast enough.

I would try with files stored on a USB drive plugged in to the Raspberry Pi, in my experience that gives the best results, especially with large/HD files.


dear sven.

No, I am playing the hi res file via USB connection. The external hard disk is attached to my pi with a USB cable. I guessed the file size is too huge and volumio does not have enough internal memory to buffer it.

KL Tham


The largest sized file that I have is Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (Studio Master, 24bit/48Khz) Part One which is 278.6 Mb.

I normally buy HD at 24bit/96Khz and these are often around 100-150 Mb.

They all play fine from a 64Gb USB 2 memory stick.

If you power the external HD drive from USB, maybe the power supply is not enough, like 2A ?


Dear Sven.

Thanks for your info.

I am using HP MyBook external drive with it own power supply unit. The connection to pi2 is via USB connection and no sharing of power. The pi2 is powered by 2A power adapter.

I try small file size and it run smoothly and I guessed must be some settings are doing right or what?

Thanks and Regards
KL Tham

OK, I understand about the power supply.

I would suggest you find some USB memory stick, put your test files on it and try playing from there. See if that works better.