Hi I bought the raspberry pi 4 8gb and the wifi keeps dropping after awhile

Hi so I did a fresh install on a 32 gb sc card connected it to ethernet and configured it by the web interface on my pc connected it to wifi in my room. Then transferred it outside to the dinning area I have the Asus Aimesh with updated firmware. It was working for 2 weeks and now. I would need to switch it off and on to keep a signal. It would drop out after awhile and will be completely gone. The way I would use it is it is connected to a topping e30 connected to my aiyima 07 and some polk speakers. After listening i would just switch everything off at the same time. Is there a way to shutdown the device? Maybe my hard switching it off corrupted some files like on a windows pc if you don’t shut it down? I don’t know where to start. Help